Scots Pine Pollen

Pinus sylvestris


Pine pollen is a yellow, flourlike substance produced in the millions of tons each year by the pine forests of the Earth.  ( Pollen is Latin for “flour”.)  Unlike the majority of flowering plants, pine trees are wind-pollinated.  That is, they don’t have a pollinator to help them reproduce but rely on the wind carrying the pollen to the pine cone ( the female part of the plant). Every spring, the trees release the pollen from their male catkins, each of which can produce six million grains of pollen.


Pine pollen contains large quantities of exceptionally potent sterols.  One such, brassinoloide, is a powerful growth stimulant to plants.  The brassinosteroids in pine pollen are also very similar in structure to many animal steroid hormones and produce similar steroidal activity.  In addition to these kinds of sterols, pine pollen also contains significant human male hormones such as testosterone and androstenedione and relatively large quantities of amino acids and other essential nutrients. Scots Pine ( Pinus sylvestris) pollen has been found to contain androstenedione, testosterone, and epitestosterone in high amounts.


Cautions: Some people are sensitive to pine products- seed, pollen, bark, resin and so on.  Negative reactions can run from mild allergies to anaphylactic shock.  If you have a history of allergies to pollen or severe reactions to bee stings, do not use without consulting your health care practitioner.   Adolescents should not take pine pollen.


The above information was taken from the book The Natural Testosterone Plan; for Sexual Health and Energy  by Stephen Harrod Buhner.


Recommended dosage:   For men- 1 dropperful 2 times per day. (1 dropperful= 30 drops) = ¼ teaspoon

Women’s dose- 3-7 drops 2x/day.


**We have received good feedback from those taking the pollen - all feel an increase in alertness, strength and libido.  We began selling this product in 2002 and look forward to learning more of the effects of the Scots Pine pollen as more men ( and women) use it.**


At Woodland Essence, we gather the male flowers and pollen in early June and place the fresh pollen rich flowers in a medium of 50% organic grain alcohol and 50% distilled water, for six weeks, shaking the bottle daily.  We strain out the flower stalks, but leave the pollen, which settles to the bottom of the bottle.  It is important to shake the extract each time you take a dose, to be sure of receiving the full benefits of the pollen.