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"Look deep, deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything " Albert Einstein

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Greetings from our woodland home and center nestled in a Balsam Fir forest of the southern Adirondack Park. This land is home to bear and deer, bobcat and coyote, snowshoe hare and others whose wild nature has much to teach us of our own. So, too, do the native plants, some at-risk, who set their roots in this soil; Lady Slipper, Trilliums, American Ginseng and more hold a quiet presence, reminding us of the intimate relationship humans indeed have with the Earth.

It is from the teachings of the Wild that we continue to be inspired and share with others. Here at Woodland Essence we offer courses and workshops, providing others with a way to experience the magic and deep healing that can take place in Nature. Through special classes in flower essences, sacred plant medicine, herbal studies, forest adventures, and more we hope to nurture a lasting awareness and respect for all of life.

In the workshops we spend most of our time outdoors in the gardens and woods, fields and wetlands learning from the plants and the environment. Something quite tender happens when we spend this kind of quality time in nature. Our essence is bathed in a sweet silence and an unspoken acceptance that nurtures our souls. We remember ourselves and find peace and harmony in our hearts and minds. Through gaining knowledge, expanding our souls, tending our spirits and opening our hearts, we re-enter nature with the proper tools to be human beings.

We encourage you to nurture your own spirit as you deepen your connection with the Earth and yourself.



Love and Blesings from the Forest,

Kate Gilday & Don Babineau

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