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~ Woodland Massage Oils ~

Spring Sale- Dandelion and Calendula Oils- 25 % off~ 2 oz bottle for $11.50


~ Calendula blossom~ radiant sun! ~



ALL OILS~ 4 ounce bottle: $18.00


Evergreen:Imagine yourself on a clear day walking in the woodlands, where the tall pines, firs and spruces patiently stand.  The air is clean and fresh; you breathe deeply, feeling relaxed and refreshed.  Each breath brings the sweet, fragrant notes of the green boughs into your lungs and awareness, restoring your vitality and rejuvenating your spirit!  So, too, does our Evergreen Massage Oil offer a “forest in a bottle” experience. We extract the delicious fragrance of white pine, red spruce, eastern hemlock, balsam fir and white cedar into Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil, gently warming with sun or flame-heated ceramic crock.

You can use this aromatic massage oil in your bath for a refreshing experience, or simply use directly on the body for an invigorating massage. ** Please note- do not use if you have a known allergy to pine. 


4 ounces


Sweet Birch: Twigs and bark of black and / or golden birch. Sun infused in organic, cold-pressed olive oil. Sweet and sensuous! Kate’s favorite. Combined with acupressure, this oil helps balance one’s water element.

4 ounces

Balsam Fir:Fresh needles sun-infused in organic. cold-pressed olive oil. Add to the bath or apply as a soothing oil and enjoy it’s fresh, sweet evergreen scent. For use when feeling out of balance; helps to center and restore clarity. This massage oil carries a clear, sweet fragrance of the Northern forest.  The scent evokes memories of winter holidays, Christmas trees, and days spent in the woods, along with the peace and joy of the season.  Use as a massage oil to relax tension held in the muscles, to soothe dry skin and enliven tired feet.  You can also add a capful or two to your bath to both calm and enliven your spirit.


4 ounces



Other Herb Oils



~ dandelion blossom~ relaxing the outer armor!~


     2 ounce bottle: $14.00,   

Dandelion and Calendula Blossom Oils- $ 11.50/ 2 ounce bottle


Dandelion Blossom: Sunny dandelion blossoms infused in olive oil. Most useful for relaxing tense back muscles; helps to release stored tension and toxins. Excellent for use in deep tissue work.  

2 ounces

$ 11.50

Calendula Blossom: This beautiful golden oil is used to heal inflamed, irritated skin - from babies bottoms to cuts and abrasions.  Also soothes tender, cracked nipples, helps to resolve scarring, and moves stagnant lymph.


2 ounces


Plantain Leaf:  "Nature's Band-Aid"  Reduces skin rashes, inflammation and itching; relievs swelling, removes lymph congestion, promotes tissue repair and reduces pain.  Excellent for insect bites and drawing splinters as well as hemorrhoids and sprains.    
2 ounces
Comfrey Leaf:  Promotes tissue repair, reduces inflammation, swelling and pain of bruises, joint, muscle, bone and tendon injury.  For relief of cuts, boils, cracked nipples, varicose veins and hemorrhoids.    
2 ounces
St Johnswort flower:  Freshly harvested flowers and buds go immediately into organic olive oil and spend the next few weeks in the greenhouse infusing into a vibrant, bright red color. The fragrance is fresh and lively. Soothe tired or sore muscles and joints, on bug bites, or use on burns once they have cooled. NEW ITEM!! 2 ounces





Disclaimer: Woodland Essence is not responsible for any individual’s use of our products. Each person’s response to herbs may differ. Consult a qualified health care practitioner for guidance. Prices subject to change.

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