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2016 Woodland Essence Workshop Schedule



We are delighted to be sharing a few new workshops in this coming year.


"Waking up" the Octagon teaching center after a few seasons rest is a joy. There have been

so many stories told, teachings shared, songs sung and friendships begun in

this Woodland Circle~

where many rich memories are woven into the space where people, plants and ideas come together.




And there are other places in the Northeast where Kate will be teaching.


We hope to see you at one or another workshop; and also wish you many joys and adventures!





The Heart and Wisdom of Nature


( Weaving Ayurveda into your Practice)


May 21-22, 2016


At White Dove Herbal Sanctuary , Montpelier, VT 


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Nature is always speaking to us, showing her qualities in every season.  Once we recognize our own individual qualities and create a daily practice of tuning our senses, we can begin to understand how our choices impact our well-being. Learning directly from nature enters our hearts and minds where we are able to translate our experience into knowledge, body wisdom and peace of mind.


This weekend has been designed for those who have completed a first level course on Ayurveda and understand the basic concepts of this marvelous system!


Hope you can make it! 





During this weekend we will hone our sense of perception and further our understanding of Ayurveda in these ways:


~  Reviewing the Doshas and Sub-Doshas


~ Understanding Samprapti- the Unfolding of Disease- and how to help one return to balance


~ Reading the Pulse- recognizing the influence of the Doshas and sub-doshas


~ Ayurvedic Tongue Diagnosis~ An Introduction


~ Case Studies that highlight the three possible doshas imbalances:

   Arthritis, Fertility, Menopause and Hypertension


~ Ayurvedic herbs and spices for fun and beauty~




The Instructor:  

Kate Gilday is an Herbalist, Ayurvedic Consultant and Flower Essence Therapist, as well as a producer of flower essence and herbal remedies. She has been training herbalists at Woodland Essence Center and conferences for the past 25 years and brings her love of wild places, song and healing to her workshops. www.woodlandessence.com


Contact Amy for more information or to register:

amygkiefer@gmail.com; 802-229-2507

Cost: $225 includes handouts, materials and delicious vegetarian lunch. hope to see you there!






~ Advanced Flower Essence Weekend ~

with  David Dalton of Delta Gardens


Woodland Essence Teaching Center,

Cold Brook,NY

July 22-24




This course is designed for practitioners who are using flower essences in their practice. Participants should either be already practicing or have taken a primary flower essence course and are beginning to see clients. 


The Teachings:


Using Flower Essences to Manifest Abundance, Happiness, and $uccess. Today there is an abundance of information available offering techniques and ideas for manifesting more of the things that we relate to as happiness. Affirmations, visualizations and positive thinking make up the core of these materials. What is often neglected is the role the subconscious plays in the manifestation process and how it works to sabotage positive change.


This session explores the role of our past programming in the manifestation process. It also looks at lifestyle stresses and relationships and how they either support or inhibit our attempts to improve our lives. Learn how to use a specific set of flower essences to release negative imprints that block positive change - and to enhance the potency of the thought forms we create to increase change, abundance and happiness.



-Laws of attraction & how things happen

-How the subconscious controls manifestation

-How chakras 2 and 3 work together to project thoughts

-Clearing fears, negativity, subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs with flower essences

-Amplifying positive thought projections with flower essences


Complexities In Treating Lyme and Co-infections. We've come a long way with understanding how to proceeed with these pathogen based challenges. Participants should be familiar with the basics of using flower essences as a gateway for healing these conditions. (PET, the Lyme kits, etc).  David will share his development of and success with specific treatments and essences for heavy metals, candida and parasites, and will offer suggestions for MTHFR conditions and testing for food sensitivities.  Lots of cases.  


David will also show videos of clients who are happy with his ( Delta Garden) treatments. For people struggling with Post-Lyme syndrome, Chronic Lyme and other tic-borne infections, any possible healing treatment is welcomed! The Lyme journey can be long and challenging at the deepest levels, but also holds the possiblity of the deepest learning and healing for a person. The flowers continue to remind us that they can be agents of change and new possibilities, even in the darkest of times!


Removing Trauma with Flower Essences.  Many physical conditions are either caused or aggravated by past unprocessed pain which remains in the etheric body and over time moves into the tissues.  In this session you will learn a method of both locating the age the trauma occurred and selecting essences for a process designed to remove the energetic underpinning of the trauma, thereby relieving stress on the physical.


Flower Essences from Hawaii.  An evening presentation.  Story, slides, demonstrations.



Workshop will begin Friday, July 22 at 1 pm. Closing circle will be on Sunday, July 24 at 3 pm.

Please contact Kate at 315-845-1515 for further information and to register.


Cost for 3 day workshop is $350. ( $300 if you register by May 1st) includes handouts, tea, delicious lunches ( Saturday and Sunday), and camping. There is also a nearby campground and other local places with inside accommodations. Further information once you have registered.



" and you thought they were just flowers!"









The Radiant Woman


Sometimes we all need to: Recharge, Rejuvenate & Shine Up Our Inner & Outer Radiance

Each weekend we’ll weave the teachings and practice of yoga and Ayurveda into the framework, but each will also be unique as our featured guest mentor shares her special gifts and talents with us. Come renew your mind, rejuvenate your body, and feed your spirit.


A Series of Three Seasonal Weekends


~ at Heartsong Farm, Groveton, NH  with Nancy Phillips and guest teachers

Deb Soule, Andrea Thibaudeau and Kate Gilday~


Please see Heartsong website for further information~ www.herbsandapples.com



September 10-11, 2016
Kate Gilday and Nancy Phillips

Autumn Weekend: Standing Like a Tree

Using the trees as our inspiration, we’ll practice the Meta meditation to heal ourselves and become a strong source of healing for others. Radiating with the strength and flexibility of a tree we’ll practice yoga asana and pranayama with Andrea expertly guiding us. Kate will help deepen our understanding of Ayurveda philosophy and practices as well as her love for the trees. She’ll share herbs and healing foods for energy, clarity and vibrancy. She’ll also teach us the meditative art of making pine needle baskets.

Nancy will take us into the kitchen and teach us how to prepare healing foods and herbal preparations to help us stay in balance during the fall and winter months. She’ll also lead us in making some aromatic herbal incense.














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